Monday, September 9, 2013

My School Life by Christian HomemakingGirl

My school life is pretty cool i go to a virtual school that is online the fun thing about it all is i get to get up later than i did when i went to brick and mortar school i don't have to catch the bus and be late i don't get bullied like i did when i was in brick and mortar i get to show up in my pajamas i get to meet students from all over i get to chat with my friends so i never miss anything i get to play in my back yard sometimes i get out of school at the earliest at ten am i get to get out of the house a lot so i basically well i guess that is all so till my next post Roll on Christian Homemaking Girl

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is your favorite poems to read

What are your favorite poems to read?
I am asking this question because I would love to find out what poems you like to read.
I love reading my poem book I got at a Book Swap it is about Valentines .

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What are your favorite books that you are reading?

My Favorite book is Called Just in Case You Ever Wonder.
I love reading this book because it reminds me that God made me very special and also because he loves me so much and he picked out my Parents just to be my parents.

Welcome to ChristianHomemakingGirl

The Reason for this blog is so our daughter can have a place to express what she enjoys about being at home: homeschooled,learning about God,and also learning about Homemaking.
This is also a place where I will come and post also with her.
I will be Protecting her and also correcting any areas that need to be corrected.
So once again I welcome you to ChristianHomemakingGirl